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July 17 2016

May 31 2016






Me: Regnets heute?
Transgender friend: Nee, brauchst keinen Schirm.
Me: *geht raus und wird nass*

Me, a transgender food enthusiast: 

*shows off muscles*

*gets bitten by a radioactive spider*

Me, a trans person - *puts on his glasses* :

Trans person I used to date (who is cool):

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May 29 2016

I don’t even know how to communicate this clearly. I feel like I get reminded of the inconvenience and visibility of my gender pretty much all day. Pronouns, terms of address, bathrooms, shopping, interacting, corresponding – these are the tiny little things that make up day to day life, and they’re all super gendered. I don’t think that’s as apparent if you’re in a normative gender space, but when you’re navigating a transition, or hold a non binary/gender queer identity, they all become little decisions and catches. How do I represent myself authentically here? Where do I fit? How can I be visible? Is this safe?

Honestly, I’m often tired of thinking about gender. I would love to not think about it. I wish that existing in social spaces didn’t make me have to think about it all the time. I really, really do have other things to think about. Oh, but here’s an email for a survey for a service I use and enjoy. The second field? ‘Sex: m/f’. Great.

via Robot Hugs - Cognitive Load
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April 18 2016

Umfrage der HU, die zur Reformierung des Transsexuellengesetzes beitragen soll

Es sind ausdrücklich alle Ausprägungen von trans gefragt! Bitte teilt diesen Link und macht ggf. mit.
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April 03 2016

Transgender baptisms offered at Greater Manchester church - BBC News

Transgender baptisms are to be offered for the first time in the UK by a church in Greater Manchester.

The New Chapel Unitarian and Free Christian in Denton, Tameside, agreed the move at its annual general meeting.

Jean Clements, the church's worship leader, proposed the change after meeting a couple who had a transgender child.

The church was moved to make a change in order to help those in the same situation.

Mrs Clements said: "I felt saddened by the fact that this family were being shunned by many mainstream churches.

"However, when the family came to New Chapel, the congregation welcomed them with open arms. "

Mrs Clements described her congregation as "a multi-generational community who are very willing to accept change and progress" and said the Unitarian Movement stands for freedom, reason and tolerance.

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Meet Ben Melzer, the first trans man to appear on the cover of a men’s fitness magazine in Europe! He’ll be on the cover of the German edition of Men’s Health.

Melzer landed on the cover after entering the German magazine’s cover model contest.

“My inside and outside finally fit and that’s why I’m not at all shamed to talk about it,” Melzer said in a video posted by Now This. He hopes to use the publicity surrounding his bid for the cover as a way to give hope to other people who are struggling with their gender identity.

“When I was in that situation, I had nobody to talk to, nobody to ask all these questions,” he added. “That’s what I want to do. I want to give the community a face, stand up and answer those questions for people.”

Hooray for visibility! (via the Advocate)

October 04 2015

The White House is requiring insurers to cover transgender services. That’s a first. - Vox

Civil rights laws already bar health plans from discriminating based on race, color, national origin, disability, or age. This new rule would add sex discrimination to that list, including discrimination based on gender identity. And that, Health and Human Services says, will require insurance plans to cover treatments that help enrollees medically transition.
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September 03 2015

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its weird how everyone, really, has multiple names that are used in different contexts and that many (most women, for one) people will change their names throughout their lives. like a guy might be called bobby by his friends robert by his boss mr burton by his co-worker he might become burton-smith after he gets married, rob at school, he might be robby to his mum, he might have the pen name of burton ellis, and he might be analdestroyer94 on one forum and forallthatsgood344 one another and that is all perfectly acceptable. people have different names and identities in different contexts and these change as they grow throughout their lives.

but then when trans people want to change their names, or young trans people have multiple names for different contexts everyone starts to get a bit weird about it.

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August 02 2015

July 11 2015

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Last Week Tonight s02e19

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May 18 2015

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April 01 2015

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Warning for auto-play in links

[Raeen Roes/ Angel Haze] - Hip hop, rap

[Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!] - Punk rock

[Gerard Way] - Pop punk

[The Shondes] - Alternative 

[Kokumo] - Classical

[Schmekel] - Punk/alternative

[Good Asian Drivers] - Alternative

[Butch County] - Hard rock

[Heidi Barton Stink] - Rap

[La Roux] - Pop/electronic

[Ruby Rose] - Electronic/pop

[JD Samson] - Electronic/alternative

[Kieran Strange] - Alternative/pop punk

[Rae Spoon] - Indie rock/ folk punk

[Jayne County] - Indie 

[Steam Powered Giraffe] - Alternative

[Antony and the Johnsons] - Art pop/classical

[Geo Wyeth] - Classical/art

[Evan Greer] - Folk punk

[The Cliks] - Indie

[Rosanonymous] - Indie/punk

[Rocco Katastrophe] - Hip hop

[Jordaan Mason] - Undefined genre

A great round-up of music by some Trans and Nonbinary musicians to listen to today (and all days)!

x Brodie

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March 15 2015

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The Canadian Senate has passed an amendment to a transgender rights bill that would ban trans people from using the bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity. Now, trans people in Canada (and their trans supporters in the United States) are sharing photos on Twitter and Facebook of themselves in public bathrooms they would be legally obligated to use under Senator Donald Plett’s bill. Check the hashtags #PlettPutMeHere and #WeJustNeedToPee for a dynamite collection of trans folks showing why these laws are absurd. Badass. (via BuzzFeed)

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February 21 2015

January 13 2015

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Fight for your sisters, not just your cis-sters.

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December 31 2014

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December 17 2014





So apparently in my sister’s class, there was a trans girl that had been on the cheerleading squad for a while. When she came out, the other girls on the squad made the agreement that whatever boy made fun of her would never get a date. And if you think that’s not the most metal girl alliance ever, you can sit down.

Girls protecting girls.


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December 06 2014


I am having a terrible night because of my transitional dysphoria so naturally the only thing I can do to cheer myself up is laugh about the situation.

Smile through the struggle.

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The most incredible Birth Announcement you’ll see today. Utterly and sniffle-inducingly wonderful.

It comes from the Courier Mail in Brisbane, Australia. I’m grateful to Twitter’s @frostyagnes for bringing it to our attention.

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