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July 16 2018

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that went well.
I said some of these companies might be a net good for humanity, but again, selling stuff does not make anyone some great philantrophic hero.
Especially if you're a union-busting, republican-Super-PAC-financing asshole while doing it.

If that dude wasn't so rich, there would be more people in the world that weren't dependant on charitable rich people.

Like, sorry, nobody decides to have a billion dollars and is a good person. Nobody gets there through hard work. Every single billionaire in this world is a person who lived their life always exploiting others.
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hm, das kommt natürlich drauf an welchen seiten du das erlaubst..

Cary Huang (der macher von scale of the universe) ist natürlich ein kuhler tüp dem ich keine malware unterstellen würde, aber wenn mal jemand in seinen server einbricht ist große soße..

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